Why did ROBIN set out to create The Definitive Guide to Customer Service?

Every ‘next big thing’ — from social media to content marketing to the ‘internet of things’ — has it’s day in the sun. And then it’s time to move on. Get back to basics. And understand the business fundamentals of what really works.

It’s just the same with today’s customer service trend for ‘amazing’, ‘wowing’ and ‘delighting’ your customers. There’s no shortage of tips, tricks, ‘50 ways to create customer satisfaction nirvana’, ‘10 ways to inspire undying loyalty’  — and so on, and so on.

But the reality is that the customer service gap is alive and well — 80% of companies believe they offer ‘superior’ customer service but only 8% (!) of customers agree.

So, we set out to investigate the reality behind customer service — based on good, hard statistics — and develop a ‘Definitive Guide’ that offers a BS-free approach to customer service that E-Commerce store owners can use to scale their business with confidence.

We kicked-off by releasing the first three chapters of our guide and will publish the remaining two chapters – ‘The Great Customer Service Model’ and ‘The Roadmap To Conversation’ – before the end of the summer.

We would love to hear your thoughts and comments. Also, we are open to contributions. And if you want to talk to us, just hit that ROBIN contact tab on the right side of your screen