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Chapter 4: The great customer service model

Measuring E-Commerce Success: Customer Service Metrics, KPI’s & more


It really doesn’t matter whether you are selling electronics, home and garden, food and drink, or funky clothes. At some point, after your online store takes off, measuring results becomes especially important.

When you’re taking things to the next level, you need to be sure you’re measuring the right stuff, the right way, so you stay on the path to growth.

So, if you measure (and reward) your team for lowering call time, for example, yes, you will cut costs in the short term. But, as we know from our principles and strategy pillars, lowering call time alone does not meet the needs of the customers and will not best generate customer satisfaction or loyalty.

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Chapter 5: The conversation roadmap

The 10 Steps of Human Conversation

The Human Conversation

There are lots of good resources on live chat etiquette. However, The Human Conversation offers a ten-step approach to help step up the soft skills of your support team.

By following our guide to The Human Conversation you will be able to reap maximum customer satisfaction and loyalty benefits from your service conversations — in the most cost-effective way possible.

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