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Chapter 2: How to develop a customer service manifesto

The Three Elements Of A Customer Service Manifesto For E-Commerce

If you already have a short brand statement, great. Struggling to determine what a brand statement is?

It’s the one big statement about your brand that you believe makes you stand out from all the others! Try filling in the blanks in this statement: “Here at ……………………. we believe that ……………………. and that’s why we do what we do.”

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Chapter 5: The conversation roadmap

Relational Shoppers: The BFF Of Any E-Commerce Store!

Relational Shoppers

“Transactional shoppers are your bargain hunters. They come and go. But as a cool store with a great brand, Relational Shoppers are your BFF!”


Current mainstream wisdom tells us all shop owners should strive to offer unbelievably awesome support to every single customer, all of the time, and constantly exceed their expectations — so attaining service nirvana.

In reality, while exceeding customer expectations may (depending what any single customer values most) delight some, it will actually result in ever-spiraling costs and definitely not make your business any more profitable.

There are three reasons for that.

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