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Introduction: The definitive guide to customer service for online stores

Winning The Competitive Battle In E-Commerce

Every definitive guide is driven by a big idea. After a ton of research, building on our own experience, and speaking with our own customers, here’s ours:

“If Customer Service is the New Battleground, then Conversation is where it will be won.”

In this post you will find all the research data – logically structured in two pyramids – to proof that personal, real-time Conversations will win the Customer Service battle in E-Commerce.

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Chapter 4: The great customer service model

The Strategy of Customer Service Channels

All Customer Service Channels The next time you walk into your favorite brick and mortar clothing store, try noting the number of service interactions — and conversations — you encounter in a single visit.
“The holy grail of E-Commerce customer service is to replicate the easy, personalized, consistent and pleasurable shopping experience of a brick and mortar store.”


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Chapter 5: The conversation roadmap

Winning The Competitive Battle With Valuable, Personal, Real-time Support

Win The Competitive Battle

At the beginning of our guide we introduced you to two big ideas. The first was Customer Service as the New Battleground. (And if you’ve read our full guide, you know that’s one big idea that will help you stay competitive.)

Now it’s time to tackle the second big idea: Conversation to help you win the competitive battle.

By “conversation” we mean real-time support that is both personalized and super-valuable for your customers. That support will also get you maximum customer satisfaction — and loyalty — in return.

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Chapter 5: The conversation roadmap

Relational Shoppers: The BFF Of Any E-Commerce Store!

Relational Shoppers

“Transactional shoppers are your bargain hunters. They come and go. But as a cool store with a great brand, Relational Shoppers are your BFF!”


Current mainstream wisdom tells us all shop owners should strive to offer unbelievably awesome support to every single customer, all of the time, and constantly exceed their expectations — so attaining service nirvana.

In reality, while exceeding customer expectations may (depending what any single customer values most) delight some, it will actually result in ever-spiraling costs and definitely not make your business any more profitable.

There are three reasons for that.

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Chapter 5: The conversation roadmap

The 10 Steps of Human Conversation

The Human Conversation

There are lots of good resources on live chat etiquette. However, The Human Conversation offers a ten-step approach to help step up the soft skills of your support team.

By following our guide to The Human Conversation you will be able to reap maximum customer satisfaction and loyalty benefits from your service conversations — in the most cost-effective way possible.

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Chapter 5: The conversation roadmap

The Roadmap To Great Conversation

The Human Conversation

You should aim to deliver fast, effective support consistently, across every channel.

In this section of our guide you’ll find a roadmap to managing and deploying great support conversations for your web store. With this roadmap, you’ll improve customer satisfaction and loyalty and lower support costs too — no matter which stage of business you are in.

Nine times out of 10 your channel strategy will revolve around e-mail, phone, and live chat — your customer’s preferred channels.

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