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Chapter 1: The three principles of great customer service

Setting Your Customer Service Ambition

Setting Ambition

As an online store owner, you are first and foremost in “business-business,” not customer service business. So you need to balance your ambition, capabilities, costs, and outcomes very carefully.

The stats that claim customer service is the ultimate cure for almost everything which ails a business won’t help you develop a balance in your business. When did you last see a stat showing the costs of delivering the ultimate service experience? Not too recently we bet.

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Chapter 1: The three principles of great customer service

The Three Principles Of Great Customer Service

Building on the service gap model (SERVQUAL, if you would like to know more) and the data and insights from the Customer Contact Council, the Corporate Executive Board (great book here!), and others, we distilled all the insights down into three core principles of great customer service.

These principles will help you set a clear ambition for your team and focus your own efforts in strategy. They also form the backbone of the following guide.

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Chapter 3: Refreshing your customer service strategy

Using Customer Support Conversations To Gain Operational Insights

Gathering Operational Insights

Gathering operational insights means using customer support conversations to help optimize internal processes, better manage your team, and make smarter operational choices. This helps improve profitability.

Once your team is connecting emotionally with customers, and you are heading off your customer’s next problems in a single interaction, your leaky customer service bucket is well on the way to being patched!

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Chapter 5: The conversation roadmap

The Roadmap To Great Conversation

The Human Conversation

You should aim to deliver fast, effective support consistently, across every channel.

In this section of our guide you’ll find a roadmap to managing and deploying great support conversations for your web store. With this roadmap, you’ll improve customer satisfaction and loyalty and lower support costs too — no matter which stage of business you are in.

Nine times out of 10 your channel strategy will revolve around e-mail, phone, and live chat — your customer’s preferred channels.

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