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Introduction: The definitive guide to customer service for online stores

Preface: The Customer Service Nirvana

Customer Service Nirvana

As the owner of an online store with a slick design, stand-out product, cool brand, and entrepreneurial spirit, you are passionate about building your business, your brand, and delivering great customer service.

Us too. Great customer service is our way of life, our mission, and our strategy. Our secret weapon is our approach to intelligent customer communication and real-time customer service conversations — interaction that increases conversions, builds retention and reduces costs.

We both know why we love customer service so much, right? Word on the street is that great customer service builds trust and loyalty like nothing else. And there’s more too…

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Introduction: The definitive guide to customer service for online stores

Winning The Competitive Battle In E-Commerce

Every definitive guide is driven by a big idea. After a ton of research, building on our own experience, and speaking with our own customers, here’s ours:

“If Customer Service is the New Battleground, then Conversation is where it will be won.”

In this post you will find all the research data – logically structured in two pyramids – to proof that personal, real-time Conversations will win the Customer Service battle in E-Commerce.

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Chapter 5: The conversation roadmap

Winning The Competitive Battle With Valuable, Personal, Real-time Support

Win The Competitive Battle

At the beginning of our guide we introduced you to two big ideas. The first was Customer Service as the New Battleground. (And if you’ve read our full guide, you know that’s one big idea that will help you stay competitive.)

Now it’s time to tackle the second big idea: Conversation to help you win the competitive battle.

By “conversation” we mean real-time support that is both personalized and super-valuable for your customers. That support will also get you maximum customer satisfaction — and loyalty — in return.

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