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Chapter 4: The great customer service model

Don’t Let Consumers Check Out at Checkout

Old Register

When we talked about your customer service strategy, we asked what role customer service plays in your online store — does it help retain, or even build more, loyal customers? Or are you losing customers along the way? Do you have “leaks” in your current service model?

And so (it had to come sooner or later!) it’s time now to address what, for almost every web store owner, is the single biggest leak in their “customer service bucket” — their shopping cart.

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Chapter 5: The conversation roadmap

The Roadmap To Great Conversation

The Human Conversation

You should aim to deliver fast, effective support consistently, across every channel.

In this section of our guide you’ll find a roadmap to managing and deploying great support conversations for your web store. With this roadmap, you’ll improve customer satisfaction and loyalty and lower support costs too — no matter which stage of business you are in.

Nine times out of 10 your channel strategy will revolve around e-mail, phone, and live chat — your customer’s preferred channels.

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