Become A Part Of The Definitive Guide To Customer Service

At ROBIN HQ great customer service is our way of life, mission and strategy all rolled into one. To create this guide the ROBIN team pulled all our knowledge and experience together to offer E-Commerce stores, web developers, designers and E-Commerce marketers, a BS-free approach to customer service.

Our guide touches on all aspects of a great customer service strategy for fast growing online stores. But at the same time, as technology and customer trends shift, there is always room to build upon this guide, critique the ideas — and add your own voice to our story.

Every online store has different products, every market is different, and strategies may vary. But it’s our hope that no matter who your customers are, no matter what your specialism, you will contribute to giving online stores the best, most objective advice you can to help kick them to the next level in customer service — and ultimately become a more profitable business.

Over time, we will expand on this guide by publishing case studies, guest posts and in-depth blog posts that zoom in on specific areas. We look forward hearing your thoughts in the comment sections on the posts. Valuable comments will be edited into the blog posts to further enrich the guide. Contributors all get a mention on the Contributors page.

Lastly, massive thanks to our story-lining guru Steve Seager for helping us structure this guide and making it insanely great!

We look forward to hearing from you.